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The Simple Choice to Use 9x Can Make a Big Difference

Every year, people in the U.S. generate approximately 230 million tons of garbage—that’s about 4.6 lbs. per person every day! This concentrated formula means less plastic ends up in our landfills.

Exclusive formula designed to Lift out all the dirt

MelaPower’s powerful, biodegradable ingredients go to work immediately on dirt and stains, loosening the soil’s grip on the fabric and pulling it out into the wash water. MelaPower boasts a triple enzyme formula that takes on a wider range of stubborn stains, all while preventing graying and dinginess to keep clothes looking new for longer than ever before!

Safe Triple Enzyme Power Fights the Toughest Stains

MelaPower is supercharged with natural, powerful stain fighters. Our amazing formula works great on tough stains like grass, mud, chocolate, and blood. The stain fighters also mean that MelaPower is even more effective in cold water than before—saving energy and CO2 emissions