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Kids Need Probiotics Too!

Florify for Kids is everything you want in a children’s probiotic supplement.

little boy wearing armor costumeDigestive and immune support.
Developed specifically for children, Florify for Kids gives your child great immune and digestive-health support.* That’s the extra protection anyone would want for their children—at school or play. Florify for Kids fortifies them from the inside, giving them the freedom to go about the business of being a child.

The right amount.
Each dose of Florify for Kids contains a guaranteed five billion active bacteria cultures (called CFUs) meant to flourish inside your child’s gut microbiome and replenish and maintain the healthy balance of good bacteria every child needs. That’s enough CFUs to deliver each probiotic strain in effective amounts.

Multiple, diverse probiotic strains.
Just like Florify® (our probiotic for grown-ups), Florify for Kids delivers probiotics in seven diverse strains—including Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Compare that to Culturelle®†, a leading national brand, which provides just one probiotic strain. Seven strains is a big deal! We know that with probiotics especially, more diversity brings better results. That’s why we’re setting a new standard!

Easy for children to take.
No pills to swallow! Florify for Kids comes in a child-friendly strawberry flavor, with no sugar or gluten. The easy-to-take powder, which is just poured on the tongue, will be an instant favorite with even the fussiest eaters.

Why can’t my child just get probiotics from food?

boy smiling in astronaut costumeIt’s simple: probiotic-rich foods are actually pretty hard to find. Aside from some kinds of yogurt, there aren’t that many probiotic-rich foods in a common Western diet. Even fewer for persnickety children! Imagine trying to give your children sauerkraut or kimchi if they’re not used to those strong flavors and smells.

Florify for Kids gives your child great probiotic support, all in a child-friendly, easy-to-take strawberry-flavored powder!

Is it safe to give my child probiotics?

Yes! Research suggests that probiotics are generally safe for healthy kids to take.1 In fact, according to a national study, probiotics are one of the natural products most commonly used by children—ranking right up there with omega-3s from fish oil.2

If your child has a serious illness or a weakened immune system due to an autoimmune disease, we strongly recommend consulting with your child’s doctor before giving your child probiotics or any other supplement.


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